The new album has indeed arrived

Here’s the first drop of tracks, available on bandcamp. I’m planning on releasing to the rest of the internet in a month or so.

This was the culmination of a journey of self discovery. As primarily a drummer, I decided a few years ago to expand my horizons and start creating music on my own terms. It takes a lot of energy to get off the ground of this doomed planet, but then you build up momentum and have room to move. I can’t wait for the next leg of this journey! Thanks all!¬† –Kai

Release date

Hi pals,

I’ve sent out download codes to the mailing list for early access, but I just wanted to let you know that the new album debut’s this Tuesday, April 18, 2017! Check back here then!

First contact coming soon

Hi, I just finished setting up this site in preparation for the debut album. I’ll post again when I’m done mastering it. The album will be completely produced by myself as a learning project. If this goes well, I’ll keep going with it! We’ll speak again in March….